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The cooking is done and we are putting the final touches on our produce for Ferragosto.  The haul of jars is looking very pretty with the colours!  Don’t forget to come and visit us between 10am-3pm.  We have a stall in the grounds of St Albans church.

The lemon butter is ready! Jar count is over 100

Here are my five from the web for this week.

What do you do with your ‘ugly’ produce?  Have a read of this article.

GST on meat.  This article thinks we should.  How about you?

Are you a nature lover?  This app will show you thousands of nature places around NSW.

I love a good read so here are some books on living with less.  Do you think this is something you could do?

Permaculture.  Do you do this?  I had the great privilege of meeting this lovely lady and she continues to inspire me in the garden.  There is a great download over there for growing things in your garden.


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  1. Nice links lady and great to see you blogging. Hoping to get there on Sunday, bit of a mission, also have to get to the netty world cup for the medal games by lunchtime wooooot! but the lure of that lemon butter is strong.

  2. Thank you for the link lovely lady! xx

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