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There's a slim chance we'll have enough nasturtium blossoms in time to make nasturtium jelly for Ferrogusto

It has been a crazy week of cooking, choosing and collecting jars and lids, discussing who has which pots (we really do share a lot!) and planning for Ferragosto in two weeks time.  Lara has even hinted that there may be enough nasturtiums for nasturtium jelly!  I really hope so as it is a real treat.


This week I want to share some of the love from the internet.  There are so many amazing resources for you to utilise when it comes to learning about the environment, gardening, community events, and the list goes on.  I am a big believer in paying it forward, so here are five from the web this week.

Want more bees in your garden?  Check this out!

Sydney Sustainable Living would like your help.  Go here and do their survey.

Here is an interesting article on renewable energy and its pricing.

Interested in living off the grid?  Or just curious to know how it all works?  This was a good read.

Brydie has written a great article on food waste over here.  Go check it out!



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  1. I love the idea of living off the grid, but I feel like it’s just not possible with two little kids and being in the city. We do have solar though – so as soon as we figure out how to store that energy, I am pulling the plug!

    • Hi Robyna, I hear you. I can’t wait for the long life batteries to come in and the prices to go down. Won’t it be nice when solar is a viable option for everyone? Thanks for your comment.

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