Recipes were carefully planned based on the season – and of course your demand for more lemon butter.  Lists were scribbled down on a scrap of paper.  Cars were emptied of all the childrens’ contributions (read ‘clothes and rubbish’) and Clare and I made the trek to the markets.

Some things were prolific, while others were non existent (or stupidly expensive when they should have been plentiful).  There was 12kg of butter and Clare’s body weight in sugar.  The car was spilling over with produce, yet we still had time to do a sneaky run to the patissier on the way home for a treat.


Community is the core of what we do and today we nailed this.  Some of the kids were farmed off to friends and family, some came to help.  Some of us had a really bad week, and others were feeling a bit meh.  Some of us were procrastinating over things that should have been done and were piling up.  But none of that mattered today.


See you at our stall at Ferragosto in Five Dock on 16 August.